Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hawaiian before Hula

Aloha na hoaaloha,
      I have finally the feeling its time to get back to blogging.
Just to sit down and type a few things on what has been going on in my little world can be difficult since my  hula has been taking a back seat for me.   Yes, believe it or not I am making some changes now in my life and my hula will now be on the back burner.   There are a couple important reasons for taking this stance that I would like to share with you here is the first one; My new focus will be my ‘olelo Hawai’i, my Hawaiian language. And here’s why:
Alaka'i Ahonui and I last year's huaka'i to Spain.
        For the past 30 + years I have been working very hard to ‘uniki as KumuHula.  I have devoted years of blood, sweat, and hula tears. I love my hula passionately. It is what I truly love to do all the time. I love to dance hula. I love to teach hula. And I love to study hula, research the mele and learn everything I can about a hula.  I really love to choreograph hulas too. Luckily it was one thing that always came more easy than hard.  

And I really love to share hula by teaching others.  Hula makes me feel more Hawaiian.  Wow, I can't believe I just said that.  Well, why wouldn't I?
  Starting with my Aunties and mother, I have had a few good teachers on my hula journey and I've had a few great teachers too.  
 Although sometimes practicing hula was hard to do as a kid I do have many wonderful memories of it.  And as an adult, I have taught many wonderful people from all over the world how to dance, while still enjoying my own study of mele hula.  Teaching hula was never work for me , I loved it too much.   But here's the stickler: I don't know my Hawaiian language, and Hawaiian must come before the hula.
Looking at the website of Ka Haka 'Ula O Ke'elikōlani, College of Hawaiian Language  right away it states: 'O ka 'Olelo ke Ka'a o ka Mauli, -'Language is the fiber that binds us to our cultural identity.'
The language is what binds us, not simply our hula, hmm.   Remember who said, 
        "Hula is the language of the heart and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people" .   Kalakaua, Hawaii's last reigning King. 
Both phrases are very profound, but its the language that sustains a people in my opinion and I'm going to start gaining a perspective of why I now feel this way and I'm starting by putting my Hawaiian language before my hula. 
         Hope you can follow along on my new journey.  See you soon.


  1. Aloha kakakiaka.
    I'm Joe.
    My waihina sent me your link.
    I agree with you about language.
    That is why I am putting a lot of effort on learning.
    I'm on a farm on the Big Island.
    (dallasjoetattoo on Facebook)
    Friend me, for Messenger, if possible)

    I have cling to the owner, a 50 year resident, and 30 year farmer/ land owner; PUNA.

    The Island is ALIVE. And it wants respect and Purity; It sounds like BS, but this is not a lie.
    It spoke to me over a month ago, and asked Not to be desecrated, or littered upon; it asked (demanded) that we be pure of heart, and to love her and its people, and its ways.

    So.... I am doing what I can, to learn the language FIRST , as well as the customs and History of the Island.

    My word are coming along,
    But I lack the resources to form proper sentences, etc,.

    Is given a dictionary, and in the Glossary area, there are tips on forming and constructing everyday sentences, and how the verbs, etc, work.

    Still, nothing beats TALKING to Native speakers, or someone who KNOWS the language.

    That is my interest in you, and/or your site.
    I hope to learn. And I plan on giving donation, when possible.
    Mahalo, and, Aloha !


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